Krug is German meaning jug and Kruges is a genitive singular of Krug

Krug is a German surname and nickname 

The German state of Saxony, where the distinguished surname
Kruges arose, is renowned for both its beauty, industry, and economic power.
Kruges Surname, Family Crest & Coats of Arms - House of Names
The second possible origin derives from the Middle German word "krug" meaning an inn or tavern, and hence describes an innkeeper. Occupational surnames were often the first to be used, but they usually only became hereditary when a son or perhaps a grandson of the founder, continued in the same trade or profession.
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Kruges, kruge, Krugor Cruger, Krugar, Krueger, Kruger, Krüger, Krugger, Cruger, Crugger, Crueger, Kruge,
 Cruge, Kruege, Krug, Krueg, Krugg, Crug, Crueg, Crugg, Krugler, Kruegler, Krugel, Kruegel, Kruegeli, Krugeli .

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